Eaton and RADISYS jointly develop electric vehicles of new generation

Eaton и KPIT совместно разрабатывают электромобили нового поколения

Recall that in March 2018 Eaton announced the creation of a new division in the field of solutions for electric vehicle — eMobility. eMobility focuses on three main areas of automotive and commercial vehicles: intelligent power electronics, power systems modern power distribution and circuit protection. Unit eMobility is intended to answer the global demand of electric vehicle market, which is forecast by 2030, will increase to 15 million vehicles on the electric accumulators.

KPIT has recognized expertise in the field of embedded software, accelerators and extracts, such as AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) and V2G, which simplify the introduction of new technologies. Headquarters KPIT is in India, however, the centres of excellence of the company are also located in USA, Europe, India and the Asia-Pacific region.

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