Economist: “brain death” — Makron was diagnosed with NATO

The President of France Emmanuel macron in an interview with The Economist compared the state of the NATO with the “brain death” and expressed the uncertainty in the performance agreements of the Alliance. As writes British magazine, the head of the French Republic urged Europe to “Wake up” for the sake of their geopolitical power and ability to determine their own destiny.

Economist: «смерть мозга» — Макрон поставил диагноз НАТО

ReutersФранцузский President Emmanuel macron warned European countries that the NATO allies can no longer count on the United States, reports The Economist. “What we are now experiencing is the brain death of NATO”, — said the head of France in a candid interview with British magazine. The President noted that Europe is “on the brink” and it needs to start to think about themselves from a strategic point of view as a geopolitical force, otherwise it “will no longer control your own destiny”.

The publication says that on October 21, Emmanuel macron spoke with reporters for hours in her gilded office in the Elysee Palace. According to him, Europe is long overdue “Wake up”. The President asked if he believed in the efficacy of the Fifth article, according to which in case of an attack on one member of NATO they will come to his aid. Many analysts believe that this article is the basis of the deterrent of the Alliance, however, the head of France expressed the uncertainty in the performance of this agreement.

As noted by a macron in an interview with reporters, The Economist, NATO “only works if the guarantor of last resort performs its functions”. In his opinion, the West needs “to rethink NATO in the light of the obligations of the United States”. According to the President of France, America gradually “turns his back” to Europe — is a striking confirmation of this is the sudden withdrawal of American troops from the North-East Syria last month that left their allies of the Kurds to their fate.

In the face of Donald trump Europe for the first time dealing with an American President who “does not share our ideas about the European project,” says Emmanuel macron. This comes amid the growing strength of China, the coming to power in Russia and Turkey authoritarianism, and weakening of Europe as a result of breccia and political instability. Under the statement of the French President, this toxic mix was “unimaginable five years ago.” “If we do not Wake up, — he warned, — there is a significant risk that in the long term, we will disappear as a geopolitical power, or at least no longer be able to control your own destiny”. As said the leader of France, he was “deeply convinced”. Diplomatic activity of Macron recently, according to a British newspaper, calls abroad great interest and almost as many critics. The head of state was accused of unilateral action after he has blocked the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans, and out of bounds after he tried to organize direct talks between the US and Iran. However, as noted in the article, during the interview, the President behaved provocatively, but relaxed. He rebuffed his critics, stating, for example, that “stupid” to open the EU to new members until the change in the procedure for joining the organization. The French leader added that he is ready to reconsider its decision if the conditions are satisfied. As stressed by The Economist, the main idea of the Emmanuel Macron is that Europe must begin to think and act not only as economic enterprises, for which the main thing — expansion of the market, but also as a strategic force. For a start it needs to restore “military sovereignty” and to resume dialogue with Russia, despite suspicion from Poland and other countries that were once under the rule of the Soviet Union. Failure to comply with these measures, said macron, will be “a huge mistake”.

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