Ecuador: declared dead, she wakes up in the hospital

Équateur: déclarée morte, elle se réveille à l'hôpital

Quito | An unconscious woman for the past three weeks has regained consciousness in the hospital of Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she had been admitted in the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus and reported to be dead following a mistaken identity, announced his family on Friday.

The death of Alba Maruri, 74, was declared on the 27th of march, after she had been admitted to hospital with fever and breathing difficulties.

His relatives have received a week later a body, which has been burnt without having been previously identified by his family.

Ms. Maruri “was unconscious for three weeks and this madness of the Covid, (in the hospital), we have confused the names and it was declared dead,” said his nephew, Juan Carlos Ramirez, on social networks, before you confirm his story by telephone to the AFP.

The seventy-year-old, waking up on Thursday, gave the physicians his name and the phone number of her sister Will have him called.

“The doctors went to my aunt [Will have] to verify and report the error”, said Juan Carlos Ramirez.

“We still don’t know which are the ashes that are in the house”, he also observed the nephew.

Ms. Maturi “is ok”, has he said, adding that the family was going to ask the hospital compensation for the price of the cremation and “for the pain of death is supposed to be”.

“My sister is in a room, in expectation of his exit. It is a miracle. This was going to be a month that she was dead. And I had the ashes of another person…” said Will to the press.

Guayaquil, the economic capital of Ecuador and its most populous city, is the outbreak in the country, with over 22, 000 cases of coronavirus and 576 deaths.

The government also speaks of 1060 other deaths “likely” of the Covid-19, for which the tests have not been carried out.

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