Ecuador: the president is dividing his salary by two

Équateur: le président divise son salaire par deux

The president of ecuador Lenin Moreno has halved his salary and that of the members of the government because of the crisis caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, announced on Saturday that the presidency.

By decree, it was decided to “reduce by fifty percent the remuneration of the president of the Republic, the vice-president of the Republic, ministers and vice-ministers,” said the communication service of the presidency of ecuador.

“The decline in State revenues, a result of the crisis of the Covid-19, has produced negative effects on the economy of the country, which is why it is imperative to reduce the remuneration of “key officials,” says the presidency.

Mr. Moreno had announced on April 12, on Twitter his intention to reduce his salary and those of other senior officials of the State. The measure is due to enter into force after its signing on 8 may.

Previously, the monthly salary of the president was exceeding the equivalent of 5000 dollars. The vice-president was earning 4800 dollars, the ministers 4400 and the vice-ministers 4200.

The minimum monthly salary for ecuadorian is $ 400.

The announced reductions at the highest State level should lead to a general revision of salaries in the public sector, because ecuadorian law provides that no public servant may not receive any monthly salary higher than the president.

According to the last official report, Ecuador has registered 29 071 cases of contamination Covid-19 of which 1717 death confirmed. The authorities should identify in addition to more 1912 case of death, probably due to the virus.

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