Edmonton : a row of shelves collapsed at a wood merchant

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    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 17:09

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 17:14

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    EDMONTON | Four people were injured when a row of shelves collapsed “like dominoes” at a wood merchant of Edmonton, on Saturday morning.

    The emergency services initially feared the worst, since several people seemed to get trapped under the large volume of wood that fell off, at Windsor Plywood, in the north of the city, reports the Global network News.

    Breaking: Update from the fire. Could be customers stuck under the wood. #Yeg pic.twitter.com/9eOj76H4Hy

    — Kim Smith (@Kim_SmithTV) August 12, 2017

    We finally found two employees under the boards.

    A person has been taken to the hospital and the three others injured have not been slightly.

    At least seven fire trucks here now more police and EMS… #yeg pic.twitter.com/vTwu2ogZgy

    — Kim Smith (@Kim_SmithTV) August 12, 2017

    “With the volume of wood that fell off, it is amazing to think that there has not been more casualties,” said a spokesman for the Edmonton police, Randy Wickins.

    The shelves that have collapsed height of 6 feet wide and they were high to 20 or 30 feet.

    They fell “like dominoes,” said his side the head of the firefighter, Brian Lees.

    It is estimated that there were four or five.

    At Windsor Plywood where two women were trapped under some shelves. Workers say shelves fell like dominoes in the warehouse #yeg pic.twitter.com/LeNsL4psZc

    — Kim Smith (@Kim_SmithTV) August 12, 2017

    One of the employees imprisoned, Aric Kucey, told Global News that the shelves had collapsed with the noise of a passing train nearby.

    He was struck in the back by a piece of wood, but he managed to get himself out of the rubble quickly.

    The cause of the accident is unknown and an investigation has been opened.

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