Educators' strike: Mathieu Lacombe condemns the “personal attacks” against him

Educators' strike: Mathieu Lacombe condemns the

Accused of waging an “ideological war against the economic advancement of women” by striking home educators, the Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, rejected this criticism which he described as “ridiculous” and “far-fetched”.

“Whether it's a group of men, a group of electricians, cooks, seamstresses or educators, it doesn't matter, the people who are going to show up and ask for a 35% raise will be told that this is not reasonable, ”summed up the member for Papineau, in an interview with the QMI Agency on Monday.

Earlier in the day, some 10,000 home educators began an indefinite strike amid the deadlock in negotiations surrounding the renewal of their collective agreement.

Their union, the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ), is asking the government for a salary increase equivalent to $ 16.75 an hour and qualifies as “disrespectful” and “degrading” the current offer of 12 , $ 83 an hour.

“With the government's refusal to create more places in a family environment to respond to the shortage, the CSQ and the FIPEQ-CSQ join their voices to denounce these multiple frontal attacks which, in the end, prevent women from actively participating in the recovery. economic ”, we said in a press release.

According to Mathieu Lacombe, the union would however benefit from stopping the personal attacks that he and his wife received on social networks.

“Me, I am a young minister, a young father, of my generation who strongly believes in equality between men and women, I believe that we must fight every day to reduce inequalities when there is a because there are still some left, ”he says. According to him, “the FIPEQ should also ask its members to be respectful”.

The two parties will meet before a mediator on Tuesday morning and the minister hopes for a positive outcome. “But for that, everyone has to put water in their wine,” he adds.

However, the union said Monday that it considers this measure insufficient, because it will not allow the dispute to be settled quickly. He preferred to have recourse to an arbitrator who would have the power to decide.

The issue of the salary of home educators is at the center of the conflict. Paid with a subsidy based on the day of employment, the educators say, in fact, earn $ 12.42 per hour taking into account all their obligations, or less than the minimum wage, which has been increased to 13, $ 10 an hour last May. The union is asking for an increase equivalent to $ 16.75 per hour.


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