Effective methods of psychologists to reduce anxiety

Three techniques that help to relax and relieve stress.

Результативні методики психологів для зниження тривожності

All our worries, stresses, anxiety, directly linked to this condition like anxiety, informs Rus.Media.

After all, we’re worried about our children and family does not leave us indifferent and problems at work. Often the basic concern is the lack of material means.

Psychologists have developed techniques that help to relax and relieve stress. Here are some of them:

Learn to shift attention

If you overcome the bad thoughts, try to switch to something positive. Remember the joyful and exciting moments that may cause on the face a happy smile. View comic, flip through a favorite magazine. As an option – call someone. Perhaps in conversation you will be able to look at the problem differently.

Method affirmations

Proved the effectiveness of this method lies in the pronunciation of positive information. For example: “I’m fine” or “I am completely calm”.

Method one hundred circles

Therapists suggest to try to perform the following action: on a white sheet of paper simply draw circles (not forgetting to count), and you can discuss the problem that is bothering you. Not in a hurry. Gradually will come the solution to your question, the alarm will go off and you will become much calmer.