Effective way to lose weight and improve health

Эффективный способ похудеть и укрепить здоровье

Is it possible to restrict all food intake period of up to three hours a day? The study showed that this extreme schedule diet lowers blood pressure, boosts metabolism, and even reduces the need for night raids on the refrigerator.

For many of us the idea to abandon the meal after 15:00 it seems daunting. What are we going to do with the feeling of hunger, which typically occurs in the afternoon and increases at night? However, the study, researchers from the University of Alabama in Birmingham showed that such a strict timeline diet reduces arterial pressure, takes control of the symptoms of diabetes, and even reduces the feeling of hunger, reducing night raids on the fridge. The study of such graphics power held by men with excess weight. They were able to lose weight and improve health in almost all indicators.

This is the first study conducted on all scientific canons, which evaluated the variation of periodic starvation or dietary restriction at the time among the people. The authors wanted to find out why this kind of diet accelerate metabolism and enhance health. Whether this is due to eating fewer calories, or due to complete suspension of the meal in the middle of the day? The results showed that the refusal of food after three hours is the key.

According to the researchers, apparently, this diet follows natural circadian rhythms or biological clock of the body. In a healthy person levels of the stress hormone cortisol reaches its peak at 8:00 am, accompanied by a burst of power is needed in order to Wake up. Then this level drops to as low as 15:00, and then again jumps the next morning. At noon the cortisol is lowered, but the performance of adrenaline (energy) and serotonin (mood) grow. It is in the middle of the day increases the metabolic rate and body temperature, which causes strong hunger. In the evening, in theory, all these parameters must be reduced.


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