Effective ways to lose weight after 40

Have you noticed that with age it becomes increasingly difficult to fight against overweight? We have prepared for you several tips that will help to ease the process of weight loss.

Ефективні способи скинути зайву вагу після 40

Age matter

If you are over 40, you may have noticed that it is easier to gain weight and harder to lose than it was before. Changes in activity level, eating habits and hormones, and how your body stores fat, can play a role. But some simple steps can help you lose weight, informs Rus.Media.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Fill half the plate with vegetables at every meal. Foods should have more nutrients and less fat and calories than meat, dairy products or cereal. Vegetables and fruits will help you to feel full even if you eat less. Fresh fruit, such as apples and berries, are also an excellent snack as opposed to the usual snacks with a high fat or high sugar content.

Don’t skip Breakfast

Experts recommend a healthy morning meals – porridge or toast whole wheat with fruit. The right Breakfast can help curb hunger, which occurs long before the dinner and leads to the fact that you eat something unhealthy on the go or overeat at lunch. Eating the right foods in the morning and healthy snacks every few hours can keep your appetite under control all day.

Eat less at night

If you consume most a daily calories during lunch (until 15:00) you can lose more weight than if you eat later. But the most important is what you eat, not when.

Cook healthy food

A lot of extra fat and calories depend on the cooking method. Instead of frying food or cooking it in butter or plenty of oil, try grilling or baking. It is also a good tip in restaurants: do not order fried foods or those that are served in a creamy sauce.

Ефективні способи скинути зайву вагу після 40

Count the calories

You generally become less active with age, and you may be enough for a few hundred calories less than before. To lose weight, you need to cut calories even more. Smaller portions and tracking calories with a food diary or program can help you eat less.

Pay attention to food

When you are busy with work, kids and life, you often grabs food on the go or while eating at the same time doing other things. But you will most likely overeat and soon feel hungry again. This often happens if you are not focused on your food. Sit down while eating and concentrate on what is on your plate (not on the screen of TV or computer). It helps the brain to understand when you are full.

Forget about soda and sugary drinks

If you drink cukrovaru coffee, tea, soft drinks or energy drinks, switch to water or another zero calorie drink. Your sweet drinks have lots of added sugar, which promotes weight gain and increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Limit alcohol

Beer bellies aren’t always caused by alcohol. But “lifeline” is a very common in middle age, and alcohol might have something to do with it. A glass of beer or wine is about 150 calories, and if you frequently drink, the calories accumulate. In addition, alcohol causes the feeling of hunger so you can eat more while you drink.

Ефективні способи скинути зайву вагу після 40

Find time to exercise

Between work, travel and family events, many 40-year-old there is a lot of free time to exercise. But to control your weight and overall health is very important weekly to allocate at least 2 to 3 hours moderate physical activity (e.g. brisk walking or light gardening or yard). Make this time a priority in your calendar.

Maintain muscle tone

People naturally lose muscle mass after age 40, especially women after menopause. Because muscle burns more calories than fat, this can slow your metabolism and will complicate the fight against these stubborn pounds. Strength training exercises – lifting weights or executing physical exercises such as pushups and squats at least twice a week will help you keep muscle.

Relax, stay away from stress

Stress can make you more willing to unhealthy food, and this complicates the process of losing weight for your body. Try yoga, deep breathing, meditation, walking or reading positive books. Everyone relieves stress differently, so find what’s effectively for you.

Sleep well

Absolutely everyone can deal with the problem of insomnia after age 40 – health problems, stress, medicines, and for women menopause. But people who don’t get enough sleep often gain weight. If you lack sleep because you’re busy or tense, try to change your habits and try to develop a routine.

Check your thyroid

If you eat right, regularly exercise and still can’t lose weight thyroid gland may not work as they should. This occurs in approximately 5% of people and is more common in women and people older than 60 years. Besides increasing weight, you may also constantly feel fatigue, joint or muscle pain and depression. Medications can help, so get tested if there is suspicion that the thyroid gland is not working properly.

Find support

For many people it is easier to lose weight with others than to do it yourself. You can hold a marathon weight loss at work, to join the group in social networks or ask a friend to go together for morning walk or gym sessions. Other people who share your goals can help you be accountable and encourage you when you succeed.