Efremov day-February 10. Today is the birthday Brownie

How to congratulate a House?

Єфремов день 10 лютого. Сьогодні іменини Домовика

10 February in the Orthodox worship of the Holy preacher of Ephrem the Syrian. According to popular calendar date is called Efremov day. And today, celebrating the birthday of the home of the guardian of the House, informs Rus.Media.

Who is Saint Ephraim?

Ephrem lived in the fourth century in the Turkish city Nisab. His parents were godly people. Ephraim himself, being a very competent, preached and interpreted the Scriptures.

In his best works was telling the people about the struggle with the passions, repentance, vices and virtues, of the last judgment, the afterlife of the righteous and the wicked.

The rituals and traditions of this day

1. Those who are engaged in fishing, today, should definitely go fishing. On national signs, 10 Feb always great bite.

2. Efremov day good for as a conspiracy from back pain and the back, legs and arms. If at this time the cycle of the waxing moon, conduct rituals to increase the financial well-being.

3. And not to miss this day, women who suffer from battered husband. February 10 proofread special charms on the taming of evil men.

4. In people it is believed that Ephraim is forbidden to kill in the house of any insects, whether it be cockroaches, crickets or bugs.

5. Girls and women believed if afternoon often in the mirror at his face to see beauty and youth for a long time with him to go will not.

Today right House congratulate with his birthday

Our ancestors are the highlight of the day is considered the birthday Brownie. Who he is and in each house lives?

The house is a cluster of invisible energy. Depending on what the apartment is clean, it can be being positive, taking care of the household and beneficial, or negative, will only act up. Therefore, only depends from the owners that they have lives a House is good or not.

The main responsibility of this entity is to monitor the cleanliness in our homes. To clean, bring in the house a cosiness and an order to owners, and the House lead the fight against energy waste.

And when a lot of debris (I live grumpy people constantly occur in the family quarrels, scandals, conflicts), the House gets dirty in this energy negative, upset and misbehaves.

When the family love, peace and order, House satisfied and constantly helps the owners in the house will not break down a technique to beat the dishes, to disappear things. It will protect the home from theft, accident, fire. Especially watching the kids and saves them from various troubles.

How to celebrate the Brownie birthday?

Be sure to have the birthday treat. Our ancestors in the oven for zagnetko left for House in the night from 9 to 10 February, the pot of porridge, and even covered with hot coals to keep warm while he will decide to eat.

Also put a bowl of milk. Sweets birthday respects – cookies, candy, muffins with raisins.

In modern apartments, treat for Brownie put in the kitchen in places where you do not have access to children and Pets (with oven, fridge, wardrobe). Treating, ask for help on the farm.

In celebration of the House don’t forget to spend in house cleaning, to appease it and put it in the oven for a gift, he loves all sorts of shiny things – buttons, beads. Today, do not swear, do not make the scandals and quarrels in order not to disappoint the birthday boy.

Folk omens on 10 February

If 10 Feb all day the wind blows, so the summer is expected to cold and damp.

In the pipe of a fireplace or furnace wind roared, expect severe frosts.