Egypt has accused the US of meddling in Egypt’s internal Affairs

Египет обвинил США во вмешательстве во внутренние дела Египта

The United States had violated all the existing diplomatic norms by interfering in the internal Affairs of Egypt in connection with the desire of the Egyptian army to buy Russian su-35 fighters. This was stated by member of the parliamentary Committee of Egypt’s national security, General Yahya al-Kidani.

General called the U.S. pressure on Egypt was unacceptable, but threats to impose sanctions because of cooperation with Russia in military-technical sphere interference in the internal Affairs of the country. He stressed that Egypt is a sovereign state which independently takes decisions on military-technical cooperation with different countries depending on their interests, and does not execute instructions from overseas.

Talking about the introduction of us sanctions against Egypt because of the military cooperation with Russia, signing deals for weapons from entering the armament of modern fighters, such statements go beyond diplomatic norms and are unacceptable. We consider them to be unacceptable interference in Egypt’s internal Affairs he said.

According to al-Kidani, Egypt is currently undertaking a diversification of sources of weapons and has been cooperating with Russia, China, France, Germany and the United States. Cairo is not going to go on about the Washington to abandon the purchase of Russian weapons.

Egypt will not succumb to US pressure, will not change its policy in favor of the United States, did not intend to abandon strengthen cooperation with Russia in all spheres, including military. Egypt is a large country which operates in accordance with its own interests and does not accept dictates from outside, the General said, adding that Egypt and Russia are not only cooperating in the field of arms supplies, but also conduct joint exercises and exchanging information.

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