Egypt will introduce new rules for visiting the beaches

В Єгипті введуть нові правила відвідування пляжів

Restrictions will apply on the territory of Alexandria
/ pixabay

Egypt plans to promote tourism in Alexandria, the second largest city in the country, by limiting access for local residents on some of the beaches. They plan to open only for tourists.

The head of chamber of travel agencies said that the new beaches must be equipped to meet the needs of international tourists”, but also to provide them with “protection of personal space”. Under this, according to observers, refers to the zoning of the beach, creating changing rooms, toilets, showers.

Local journalists suggested that this step of the government will cause discontent of local residents who will face a shortage of well-equipped beaches for themselves. Now in Alexandria is available only for local rather poorly equipped and not very cleaned public beaches, however, they still pay. All the decent beaches are private, also paid.

В Єгипті введуть нові правила відвідування пляжів

The beaches will be done under the needs of tourists / pixabay

“Although the price of entry to the private beaches are now so inaccessible to the average Egyptian, after they completely cover underneath of foreigners, local residents will lose the ability of high-quality beach holiday” – according to local media.

By creating separate beaches for tourists the government is trying to attract mainly British tourists, which this year I hope.

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