El Mundo: Aznar and Sarkozy warn of the “decline of Europe and the West”

El Mundo: Аcнар и Саркози предупреждают об «упадке Европы и Запада»

The crisis of the liberal-conservative parties — is the crisis of democracy and the West. This opinion is supported by Jose Maria Aznar and Nicolas Sarkozy, who on Tuesday in Madrid discussed the future of Europe in the framework of the forum “Audience leadership” organized by the Atlantic Institute of government and the University Francisco de Vitoria. The President made himself, josé maría Aznar.”If they believe that the problem is only in political parties, so don’t notice the decline of Europe, of the West. For centuries the West has been a world centre, today it has moved to the East. Of the seven billion people on the planet, four billion live in Asia, and Europe — only 800 million. We are no longer the center of the world, partly for demographic reasons,” said former President of France during the event, which was attended by chief editor of El Mundo, Francisco Rosell.In a world where our vision is no longer dominated by, and becomes secondary how we can defend our democratic foundations? Former Chairman of people’s party believes that “we are experiencing a General uprising against the system” and notes that “the protests in Hong Kong, Barcelona, Paris, Lebanon, Chile or Colombia have in common is that they are movements against the system with a single installation technology revolution”.Former heads of States agreed that in this confrontation loses a liberal democracy. “Under the pressure of social networks in Vogue the horizontal approach. However, I personally committed to the vertical, has to be a leader, team, vision and ambitions. Today, the society leadership is perceived something illegal. Everything in the world moves at great speed, and before taking action, leaders should wait until you hear the latest Association. This is not democracy,” said Sarkozy.Drama BrecciaFormer French President believes that the cause of the crisis of the EU are “outdated ideas”. “I am a staunch supporter of Europe, but we should cease to talk about the existence of Europe, as it was last seventy years. It is pointless to discuss federalization. They want to create a unified Europe of 27 member States? I see “four Europe”: the Schengen area, the Eurozone, Euroboron and the European Union. They create our Union, but differ from each other. I think that equality does not exist, but it is not necessary, I am convinced that the difference is necessary. You need to present “future of Europe”, and not to dwell on older models,” said Sarkozy in an interview with the students of the University Francisco de Vitoria.Aznar and Sarkozy believe Brakcet “madness, drama and historical contradiction.” They are convinced that the gap, resulting in the output of the United Kingdom from the EU, will last “a lot longer than we imagine.” “Split — poison. As Brakcet, separatism is not a problem Spain and all over Europe. I can’t accept the split, neither Spain nor Europe,” insisted Sarkozy.“The situation in Catalonia is causing deep concern”aboutthe Situation in Catalonia is of deep concern to the President of Fund analysis and social studies (FAES): “as long as this situation persists, I’m going to talk about it, because I always did throughout his political career. Don’t want to live if there is a split of Spain.” Aznar appealed to the people of Spain on the eve of talks with the warning that “if we create a government based on a coalition of ultra-left, that is it will include the Communists, chavistas and the separatists, we will be in an extremely dangerous situation”.”The lack of projects of democratic forces is fueling separatist sentiments,” said Sarkozy. “Europe must find a way out of the impasse in a changing world. Citizens need to know where it goes. We need a dream. This stagnation leads to the fact that others are ideological inspirers. And the ancient European civilization still has dreams and ambitions. And she doesn’t want to die.”Trump is a consequence, not a causeAznar is convinced that the EU will not be able to confront such serious problems as Brakcet, Russia, terrorism, cybersecurity, without NATO: “thirty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, liberal order is being questioned. It is impossible to protect Europe without NATO, without the fulfillment of U.S. obligations for the maintenance of stability. For us, the best option is to rethink and rebuild NATO.”Why is Donald trump? “The fact that the main economic and military power in the world was elected President of trump, says the American society much. I love the United States, when they are strong and lead the way, never thought that someone can become strong through “Twitter”. Trump is not the cause but the consequence of the decline of the West”, — summed up Sarkozy.

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