Election advertising: China at the heart of the confrontation Trump–Biden

Publicité électorale: la Chine au cœur de la confrontation Trump–Biden

A week after the end of the race for the democratic nomination, the advertising campaigns in favor of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are definitely launched. Both candidates favor the attack and point the finger at China for the COVID-19.

One of the current themes of the communication strategy is changing from Donald Trump on the COVID-19 is to shift the blame on China, which criticized the lack of transparency and collaboration with international authorities and the u.s. in the early phases of the spread of the coronavirus. This is an important change, because in the weeks of great importance, where the virus appeared in the United States, the president sought to minimize the scope, in particular, in congratulating China for its transparency and the energetic measures taken to combat the pandemic.

The Fellow seven-time chinese

Today, as the toll of the pandemic has passed the milestone of 40 000 deaths, the president, Trump continued to treat the daily press conferences of the committee of action headed for his second Mike Pence as a forum for speech supporters mad. It does indeed lack any opportunity to blame China, and, by association, the world health Organization for their weak management of the crisis. There are elements of truth in these harsh assessments, which gives the president the opportunity to inflate them completely out of proportion. Even more disturbing is that Donald Trump makes no effort to silence the conspiracy theories that are circulating to the effect that China would voluntarily created this virus in the laboratory. (Of course, the Chinese are not left out and their government does nothing to counter the theories mirror in which the virus may have originated in us laboratories.)

The true villain

China is the bogeyman ideal in this crisis, but in his speech to flavor decidedly partisan, and the president does not lack to present an idealized version of his own performance, he proclaims perfect in all respects, and especially to attack the true villain: his opponent Joe Biden. These attacks are obviously in the election advertising campaign from Trump, who seems to have determined that she has more to gain by attacking his opponent as soft towards China, while trying to defend the actions of the president himself.

For example, in the advertisement below, the campaign Trump is fueling conspiracy theories delusional that abound on the dealings of the son of Joe Biden with China, and the appearances of conflicts of interest that may naturally be associated.

It is clear that, as in all that surrounds you in the case of ukraine, the acts of the son of Joe Biden, are and will remain an inexhaustible source of attacks against the ex-vice-president, which would force him to play defensive for a good part of the campaign.

Inaction tragic

He does well, let’s not overlook the possibilities of attacks that the management is doubtful of the first moments of the crisis of the coronavirus offers on a silver platter to the campaign democrat against Donald Trump. For example, this ad from Biden, who travels a lot on social networks puts the finger, among other things, the hypocrisy of the sudden reversal of the discourse of Trump against China. In his defence the chairman said that it sought to protect its business arrangements with the chinese giant.

The truth, according to Biden, is that the inaction of the president in these first few weeks are crucial to let the United States tragically exposed to the virus. It describes more of how very explicit the dismantling of the measures put in place by the Obama administration to prepare the United States to the spread of such a virus from China.

These are only two examples and there will be others. For the moment, it seems clear that the president will find it difficult to campaign on the economy and he will not have much more advantage to enhance its performance in the management of the pandemic, then it will attack negative against his opponent in order to exploit to the maximum the partisan polarization. When Joe Biden, he has a vested interest in this campaign is the most possible associated with a referendum on Donald Trump and his toxic impact on the United States (and the world).

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