Electric cars: the top 10 sales in France in 2020

    Electric cars: the top 10 sales in France in 2020

    While the global automotive market collapsed in 2020, the electric and hybrid car segment has managed to proudly pull the axle out of the water, thanks in particular to state aid. Back on a year shaken by the Covid-19 crisis.

    The French automobile market suffered in 2020 due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19. New automobile sales even fell back to their 1975 level, dropping spectacularly 25.5% with 1.65 million vehicles registered, compared to 2.2 million the previous year.

    In December alone, the French new passenger car market was down 11.8% in raw data, with 186,323 registrations, and down 15.8% on a comparable number of working days compared to December 2019 .

    The good news comes from hybrid and electric cars. These models represented no less than 21.5% of registrations last year: 14.8% for hybrids and 6.7% for electrics, i.e. an overall market share which has tripled over the year. .

    A total of 243,651 hybrid cars were sold over the year (including 74,587 plug-in hybrids), compared to 125,436 in 2019 (including 18,592 plug-in hybrids). Regarding 100% electric models, 110,912 models were sold in 2020, against 42,764 the previous year.

    The indestructible ZOE

    The big winner is undoubtedly Renault’s ZOE, which manages to climb to ninth place for cars, all engines combined, the best-selling in France in 2020 with 37,409 units sold. The Peugeot 208 (all engines combined) was the best-selling car over the year in France, with 92,796 units sold. Its electric version sold 16,557 units, which places it in second position among the best-selling electric cars, ahead of the Tesla Model 3 which occupies the third place of the Top 10 of electric cars, but in 64th position of the top 100 of the CCFA, with 6,477 units. Then we find the Hyundai Kona and the Kia e-#Niro, respectively fourth and fifth in the top 10 electrics (5,156 and 5,101 registrations respectively). The Volkswagen ID.3 follows in 6th position, with 4,187 registrations.

    Electric cars have benefited from the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus, the amounts of which were reviewed by the government last spring. These scales were maintained until June 2021, which should further support demand during the first half of the year. A survey carried out by Ipsos for LeasePlan also shows that almost half of the drivers surveyed (5,000 in 22 countries) now want to switch to a zero emission vehicle.

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    The top 5 best-selling electric cars in December 2020 heralds some interesting trends to watch over the coming months. While ZOE remains in the lead with 5,978 units, it is followed by Volkswagen’s ID.3 (2,550 units) and Dacia Spring (1,721 units). This electric low cost is currently only intended for car sharing services. It will be marketed to individuals from March and should most certainly settle permanently in the top 10. On the other hand, the Renault Twingo ZE, which came in 5th position in December, did not succeed in becoming embedded. in the annual top 10. She had managed to enter 3rd position last October.

    In general, the return to registration levels before the health crisis is not expected before 2025, according to the Moody’s agency, which forecasts growth of 10.7% in 2021 and 10.5% in 2022 in France.

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