Electric Range Rover SUV will be the most expensive Land Rover

Электрический внедорожник Range Rover станет самым дорогим Land Rover

Land Rover is preparing to release its first all-electric modification SUV Range Rover — luxury crossover, which should go on sale in late 2021. This became possible after the release of reborn Defender, who would be a true SUV.

The new electric SUV, first introduced in 2017, tentatively called Road Rover, currently being developed as the most expensive model of the brand, though it retains more opportunities for off-road than rivals. New model JLR is mentioned in documents as “average SUV”.

It is expected that environmentally friendly SUV will take place between the Evoque and Velar terms of total size, but with a lower roof line and smaller frontal area. The space created electric architecture also means that it can offer more space inside than Velar.

Although JLR has registered a signboard Road Rover, still no news about what the name will receive a serial version of the model, although it will benderovtsy in the family Range Rover. This step should also increase its attractiveness in the vital Chinese market, where there is a demand for large premium crossovers and electric cars.

Note that in the next financial year should be a new hybrid version of the Range Rover models and Discovery with pluggable modules in the future, electric cars will be created for both models, although the exact timing is not specified.

While working on a hybrid version of the Defender, a fully electric version is planned.

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