Electronic signature: protection against fraud or an instrument of fraud



In Russia, the cases of fraud using electronic signatures. Through the Internet, the attackers began to get a third party shell companies, and conducted bogus real estate transactions. How to protect yourself from fraud? To this question, the TV channel “MIR 24” said Anastasia Labucka, Advisor to the General Director of the certifying center SBK Contour.

Anastasia Labucka: It protected the medium on which is recorded an electronic signature. If you avoid complex terminology, the simplest definition is a sort of electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature. The electronic signature is of several types – simple and advanced. Simple – login-password account on the “public Services”. Reinforced signature is issued on a protected media accredited certifying centers.

Anastasia Labucka: There cryptography is used in accordance with the law. Software certificate of FSB of the Russian Federation and certifying centers, which issue this class of signature are the most protected, in terms of hacking and fraud, and accredits Ministry for digital development.

Anastasia Labucka: For more than 15 years of existence, technology is never failed. Cases of fraud that have been, are social in nature, and it’s not hacking the code itself, but some social engineering associated with the fake paper.

Anastasia Labucka: With the adoption of ‘ 63 of the Federal law on electronic signature has significantly expanded the scope of its application. Before it was used in a very narrow legal “business state”. Business handed reporting in FTS, and it was used by the encryption and signing. The main objective of a reinforced qualified electronic signature – an indication of authorship, who gave the signed document. And second, that the document was not amended.