Elephants in a zoo: the first YouTube video was 15 years ago

Des éléphants dans un zoo: la première vidéo YouTube a 15 ans

“So, here we are in front of the elephants, the cool thing with these guys is that they have fallopian tubes, a really, really long “. Fifteen years ago, a visit to a little banal at the San Diego zoo became the first video posted on Youtube.

On April 23, 2005, this sequence of 18 seconds, dubbed “Me at the zoo” (Me at zoo), embodied by the confondateur of YouTube Jawed Karim, marked the official debut of the video-sharing platform.

The following year, the site was purchased by Google for 1.6 billion dollars in shares.

In fifteen years, the network has become a key player in sharing videos online, with over two billion monthly active users.

YouTube has taken a decisive place in the landscape of music and entertainment in general, to the point of shaping the tastes of the Gen Z, the generation of post-millennials.

“Me at the zoo” today, more than 90 million views, but the record of the platform are in the billions, to the image of the song “Despacito” (6.7 billion views), “Baby Shark Dance” ($5.1 billion) or “Gangnam Style” ($3.5 billion).

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