Eligibility policy football: U-SPORTS u-turn

Politique d’admissibilité au football: U SPORTS fait volte-face

The college football players in the country who are currently 24 years of age will be able to finally compete in the season 2021, even if they have celebrated their 25e birthday before the start of the next campaign, announced U SPORTS, Monday afternoon.

The umbrella organisation of the sport school in Canada has decided to grant an exemption to its policy of eligibility for football practice. Actually, it will initiate a consultation process with universities and other bodies and, because of the time limits provided for completion of this review, it deems necessary an exception to the policy, which normally forbade to athletes-students of 25 years of playing in the university circuit.

“After discussion with our members, it was resolved that the situation lent itself to the exploration of opportunities for improvement of the policies governing security and participation in football. The due date for this project is set to February 2021, confirmed by way of a press release, Dick White, president and acting director-general U SPORTS. If the pandemic COVID is accompanied by many negative impacts, it also presents some opportunities for change.”

Already, the calendar year 2020 was cancelled in Ontario, in the Maritimes and in the West. On the quebec side, the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec wishes to convey its intentions by 31 August.

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