Eliza Dushku welcomes her second child

Eliza Dushku welcomes her second child

Eliza Dushku gave birth to her second child.

Eliza Dushku

The 40-year-old actress revealed on Instagram that she and her husband Peter Palanjian, who already have a two-year-old son, Philip, known as Bourne, have joined their family with another son, Bodan.

She wrote on Instagram: “To greet our beautiful son Bodan this week has been a journey in itself.

“Gratitude and joy! These boys open up new horizons for life. Bourne and Bodie: The Boston Brothers. Thanks to everyone who supports and loves us. Ah, this is where we should be (sic). “

Eliza and businessman Peter, 57, who also has four children with ex-wife Marie-Louise Mina Palanjian, tied the knot in 2018.

In February, the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer revealed that she and Peter are expecting their second child together.

She also took to Instagram in May to report that she had received the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant.

She shared, “Yesterday the 2nd vaccination – Pfizer-BioNtech (mRNA) – so far so good! I decided to do # vaccines at 5 and 6 months # pregnant to protect myself and the baby’s belly + my baby Born! All my doctors, CDC, WHO, incoming data, + the most important thing: my husband and I are confident that this was the best action for our family.

“We are more than ever close to surviving this nightmare, feeling enormous gratitude for all who sacrificed themselves to get to us, and send heartfelt love to all those who suffered and lost.

“Vaccines work and will bring the world back to some semblance of normality that we all aspire to.

“We got this together. Please consider getting yours when you can (and if your doctor agrees). XO

“Oh, and plus, I have a twinkle in my eyes when I think about what Imma’s haircut will do in 2 weeks (for the first time in 16 months), bye, crust-locks (sic).”