Ellen DeGeneres is in prison

Ellen DeGeneres est en prison

I told you about Kim Kardashian that is “hard, very hard” to be in confinement in his house of a multimillionaire.

And I told you about the video’s surrealist Madonna complaining of the confinement… in a luxurious bath of marble, filled with rose petals.

But in the category ” artists-multi-millionaires-who-is-complaining-the-mouth-full-being-completely-insensitive-the-fate-of-the-world-ordinary “, the palm goes to the comedian-host american Ellen DeGeneres, who said that the containment ” is like a prison “.

The catch is that she lives in a gigantic palace 27 million, with an infinity pool that faces the Pacific.

Misery ! The rich and famous are they all disconnected ?

Did they not understand that their words are like a slap in the face to the average citizen who is struggling ?


We don’t have many opportunities to laugh this time. Updates feet, food banks, depressions, death, disease…

But if you’re in the mood for a good laugh, I recommend the video (now viral) of comedian australian Greta Lee Jackson. It’s called “Thank you” celebrities ” (Thank the stars) and it is hi-la-rant.

People who are not known at all (a doctor who rubbed shoulders with the death of an unemployed person who is trying to get help from the government, a health care exhausted, a son whose mother has just died of the COVID-19, a cashier at exhausted, a homeless) thank the stars in their huge mansions for their message of hope, saying that ” it’s going to go well “.

Hello irony, hello sarcasm, hello the second degree.

“From the bottom of our hearts for small beings pathetic, less than nothing, totally, and perfectly unknown, we say” thank you, dear celebrities. We are delighted that you were wearing well “. And it ends with the sentence : “Give us your money ! ”

Hahaha ! I laughed so hard !

Indeed ! The only thing that we want people to raid in this time, is that they open their account in the bank to help the poor.

It is time that the stars include the unemployed, health workers and the bereaved don’t care about their videos saying ” We are all in the same boat “, filmed in a large house in the countryside or a large house with 20 bathrooms.


Also, speaking of the rich and famous who are taunting us with their images of happiness…

If a comedian canadian made a video similar to that of Greta Lee Jackson, I hope that it would include the photos in the account Instagram of Sophie Grégoire showing Justin Trudeau and their three children, all smiling, making the hunt for commies Easter on the grounds of their secondary residence.

According to the official documents, the residence of the Harrington Lake is ” a property of 5.4 hectares (13 acres) which has four buildings recreational : the main house, the cottage staff as well as two cottages for the guests. The cultivated fields have been converted into secondary forest. The main house has preserved its magnificent view on the lake “.

Unfortunately, there is no infinity pool as in Ellen DeGeneres.

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