Elon Musk has proposed a spacecraft instead of aircraft

Илон Маск предложил космический корабль вместо самолетов

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk has published in his Instagram photo of the hull space BFR interplanetary ship designed to fly not only to other planets, but from city to city instead of existing aircraft.

To understand the scale of the project near the part of the ship put the electric car Tesla Model 3, which began to look like a toy model.

The ship will be equipped with 40 cabins for travelers, common areas, warehouses, kitchens, and shelters in the event of solar flares. The length of the ship will be about 48 meters. Rocket height is 106 meters, diameter — 9 meters, payload up to 150 tons.

The BFR consists of two fully reusable stages with the expected reliability of landing at the level of modern Airliners. The ship has several payload options: interplanetary spaceship used, in particular, to create colonies on the moon and Mars, tanker or truck for launching satellites and missions to the ISS; transportation for travel between distant from other cities of the world.

If to talk about interplanetary flights, and travel around the Land between the cities, for example, BFR flight from new York to Shanghai will take just 39 minutes, and the maximum velocity of the rocket will reach 27 thousand km/h. Flights between major cities of the world will take no more than half an hour to get to the most remote point of the Earth can be for an hour.

As mentioned earlier Musk in his Instagram, the cost of such a flight on a rocket BFR will be comparable to the cost of the ticket in economy class.

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