Elon Musk has tested a rescue capsule for the evacuation of children from the cave. Video

Илон Маск протестировал спасательную капсулу для эвакуации детей из пещеры. Видео

Mini-submarine assembled from parts of the carrier rocket Falcon 9

Renowned engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and investor Elon Musk has tested the submarine for the rescue of Thai children.

The inventor of Tesla tested the device, which was specially created to save children who are stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand. Video underwater tests he published on Twitter, reports politeka.net.

It is known that mini-submarine assembled from parts of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX. Tests conducted at the pool in Los Angeles. The video shows how one diver pulls a mini-submarine for themselves, while the other one pushes her from behind. As the housing rescue tool pipe is used for pumping liquid oxygen from the Falcon 9.

Media reported that Elon Musk recently sent to Thailand experts to assist in the rescue of schoolchildren from the flooded cave. We will remind, the rescue operation in Thailand began early Sunday morning, July 8. As reported the head of the headquarters of the rescue operation of Narongsak Ostracon, in the far area of the cave went to the team of 13 divers.

According to the Mask, a mini-submarine handy, because its small size will allow it to easily pass through the narrow passages of the cave.

As previously reported Politeka, the news is about the 12 students and their coach, who disappeared in a flooded cave Khao Luang in Thailand, spread all over the world on 23 June. Salvation of children and their accompanying person all the time engaged the local police, the army and volunteers. July 4, this situation drew the attention of Elon Musk. He got a message from a Twitter user who asked if he could help rescuers, given that he has his own drilling company Boring Co.

The businessman thought about it and offered a way out of this situation. He suggested a cave-like tube of waterproof nylon, to create a tunnel, filled with air, and put children.

On 6 July it became known about the death of 38-year-old Navy officer Thailand Adobe Coonan. A former military diver who participated in the search for the children football team in Thailand, died during the rescue operation. It is known that diver he offered his help in finding the children locked in a flooded cave. Unfortunately, his strength he has not calculated — died on the 13th day of the operation.

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