Elon Musk presented a part of the new spaceship SpaceX

The CEO of SpaceX unveiled part of a new interplanetary ship BFR.

Ілон Маск презентував частину нового міжпланетного корабля SpaceX

Elon Musk shared with the development papinniemi in Instagram, where the record has collected more than 344 thousand views in 5 hours. “Reusable” ship with a length of 48 meters will be equipped with 40 cabins, reports Rus.Media.

Elon Musk has shown results for a new launch into space. Part of the main building for a future interplanetary ship BFR came to the history of the microblog in Instagram Mask. Users appreciated the novelty and for 5 hours confirmed its position 344 thousand “likes.” Pre-powderless that the ship will have a length of 48 meters, can accommodate 40 booths inside. The height of the rocket will be 106 meters with a diameter of 9 meters.

Payload will increase to 150 tons. Previously, Elon Musk announced plans to launch a ship with a cargo up to 2020, and the short flights will be available in 2019.

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