Elon Musk said that the first test of Crew Dragon will be especially dangerous

SpaceX and NASA prepare for the first test launch of the manned Dragon Crew capsules, despite a temporary shutdown of the U.S. government, who once again pushed back the date of testing.

Ілон Маск зазначив що перше випробовування Crew Dragon буде особливо небезпечним

In the coming weeks, SpaceX will launch a new spacecraft Crew Dragon to the International space station (ISS). It will be an unmanned test of the device designed for delivering human crew to orbit, informs Rus.Media.

In fact, this test launch will be crucial for SpaceX. In his Twitter, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has acknowledged that the launch would be “highly hazardous” and “extremely tense.”

The launch of the crew capsule Dragon was planned for quite some time, despite major support from NASA. The launch date is constantly shifting that repeated now. Initially, NASA had planned the launch on 17 January, but after a partial shutdown of the US government, it might not happen, according to Ars Technica.

Despite the circumstances, the company SpaceX has carried out all the necessary work in advance to prepare the Dragon spacecraft for manned missions to run. The fifth of January, tweeted Musk wrote that the private space company is about a month from the orbital test Crew Dragon.

If the launch will take place, as necessary, commercial flights to space will become much cheaper. Also Crew Dragon will be much easier to manage than shuttles or spacecraft “Soyuz”. New manned space capsule SpaceX equipped with advanced equipment and software that greatly simplify the management of it, compared to the complex maneuvers required during the flight on the Russian spacecraft that have survived since the early days of space flight in the 1960s.

SpaceX will have to overcome many obstacles and difficulties in the coming months. Most likely, you will need far more than one test flight that the company was sufficiently confident to launch the Crew Dragon crew. However, if SpaceX will succeed – and at the moment the company is steadily moving in the right direction, space will become much closer to us than before.