Elton John has told how he lived with the addiction

Элтон Джон рассказал, как жил с наркозависимостью

British singer and composer Elton John, to whom this year 72 years spoke about not the best times in my life. We are talking about 1980-ies, when John, in connection with the leaning fame and means associated with the wrong people and suffered from drug addiction, writes akcenty.com.ua.

So, Otmechaetsya that the singer exactly remember the desperate faces of his closest friends-musicians — Freddie mercury and George Harrison, who begged him to go to the doctors and try to do something with such serious problems.

In the mid 1980-ies, when the popularity of Elton John peaked, musician concepts nne had how to cope with fame. He didn’t want to live the life of “stars”, so quite often was that of John for a few days did not come out of his room, he used cocaine in incredible quantities, ate a lot and watched porn videos.

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