Elusive and necessary women the secrets that make a man fall in love

Неуловимые и необходимые женские секреты, которые заставляют мужчину влюбиться

It is, as you know, not about appearance. There’s the taste and color. And not even about character traits — a standard set for a good person — that’s what he wants for himself every. There is something more elusive, but necessary, what makes a man fall in love:

1. Femininity.

Most men like feminine women, women who are beautiful because they show that they are women in classic and Flirty manner. Feminine women like to be a woman. Men like the contrast that a woman brings into a relationship. Everything is extremely feminine, usually attracts and seduces men.

2. Beauty.

It’s not physical beauty that is short-lived. That’s the beauty of feelings, attitudes, gestures, and character. Men watching woman watching them, it refers to other people, children, animals. The man notices her caring, intelligence and compassion. It is this beauty that attracts a man.

3. Easy.

Men rarely fall in love with difficult women, who do not say what you want that make a man guess what she wants. Men don’t like women who don’t like all that dirty, go on a trip or ruin the hairdo.

4. Confidence.

A woman can be incredibly feminine, but at the same time strong and confident. She doesn’t have to be beautiful or perfect body, because it attracts not it, but her attitude and confidence. You can be happy and confident woman, even without a Prince on a white horse. Live your life.

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