Emelianenko promised to be better after the scandalous arrest

Емельяненко пообещал стать лучше после скандального задержания

Mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko, who a few days earlier detained in Moscow for drinking alcohol in a public place, commented on the situation in the words of actor Peter Mamonova. Related publication the athlete posted on the page .

“I promise myself to be better, and in the evening look – so, again, shame, shame. And I’m not going to criticize others, saying that someone is rude, someone is drinking… it is Important to look at their sins.” Peter Mamonov”, – stated in the message text.

The incident that attracted public attention occurred on may 12. Emelianenko was taken to police Department for drawing up Protocol. Later, the soldier’s lawyers said that the detention of the athlete was performed unnecessarily because the bottle on the Playground were not Alexander, and his friends.

In March Emelianenko detained for driving in Kislovodsk. Fighter parked your car at the crosswalk. From there he tried to get on the tow truck, but Emelianenko pushed the officer and left. During the chase, the fighter smashed two cars.