Emergency workers and volunteers rescued more than 100 animals in the Irkutsk Tulun

Сотрудники МЧС и волонтеры спасли более 100 животных в иркутском Тулуне

In the city of Tulun, flooded by the flood, emergency workers and volunteers for the last day saved more than 100 abandoned Pets, reports “Interfax”.

Some Pets immediately given to the host. Dogs and cats that are not found owners, was sent to the Irkutsk kennel.

Rescuers inspect the flooded area and come to the aid of animals which are at higher elevations and roofs. Of buildings is withdrawn by cattle.

Recall that the floods in the Irkutsk region covered 53 localities were flooded with over four thousand homes. More than 10 thousand people have fled their homes. In the floods, five people died, the fate of two remains unknown, including one child. About 100 people were hospitalized, another 500 needed medical help.

Now the water level in Tulun began to decline. Last night it dropped by about 20 centimeters.