Emilia Clarke answered critics

Эмилия Кларк ответила критикам

“I was too busy and focused on my own reactions to really pay attention to the opinions of others. If I was to give him my attention,” admitted the star.

She also did not hide that the negative reaction of the fans broke her heart and she was sorry for the creators of the series David Benioff and Daniel Brett UISA that are her friends.

In addition, Clark admits that with the participation in the project, it has significantly improved its financial position. In one episode, the actress received up to 500 thousand dollars, writes hvylya.net.

“I didn’t take anything from the shooting, I am very sorry about this and are experiencing irritation. I hope the showrunners give me dragon,” said Emilia.

Note that in may fans demanded to reshoot the final season of “Game of thrones”, which they deemed unsuccessful. In response to the participating actors Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead-Wright said that viewers are entitled to their own opinion, but their petition to remake the last episodes is a sign of disrespect to the creators of the show.

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