Emily Ratajkowski had a photo session in Paris Museum

Эмили Ратаковски устроила фотосессию в парижском музее

Shooting half-naked model staged at the Museum “Galliera” in the background of the sculpture of Honore Picard.

Emily Ratajkowski, being in France at the event, Vogue, decided to arrange a cultural program and was in the famous Paris Museum “Galliera”, writes the Chronicle.info with reference on WWWomen.

Model, following his habit, made a Frank the. The celebrity was in a sexy pose near a sculpture of Honore Picard, putting the chest out and showing off slim leg from the slit long dress.

While members Emily Ratajkowski admired her sexuality in the Museum, others already know that she, like all people, have their imperfections. The model was captured on a walk in tights, when she noticed “ears” on the hips.

Fans have learned that beauty is artfully camouflages flaws under clothes and with the help of photoshop.


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