Emma Watson spoke about the anxiety before the anniversary

Эмма Уотсон рассказала о тревоге перед юбилеем

According to Emma, she never understood why people pay much attention to the 30-year milestone. So Emma after celebrating his 29 birthday in April 2019, he thought a lot about classic desync “expectations vs reality”.

“Until I turned 29. And then I felt anxiety and stress. I realized that the reason for this was the damn installation of the collective unconscious. If you have not built a house, got married and gave birth to a child before 30 years old and your career is no different with incredible stability, and you still can’t myself understand It generates a huge amount of anxiety,” said Emma.

The actress also shared her thoughts about the long absence of relations. So, she said that never believed when someone said, “I am happy in my solitude.” For the realization that you can feel good without a relationship it took her a while.

“It took me a while to realize that I’m actually quite happy in his solitude. I call it “to be in partnership with yourself,” added Watson, reports showdream.org.

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