Emomali Rahmon visited the tractor factory and dairy farm in Minsk

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan


The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited the Minsk tractor factory and dairy farm of the agricultural complex “Dzerzhinsky”. That showed the guest and what the results of those meetings, found out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Faith community.

Exhibition of products – specially for the visit of President of Tajikistan. The plant manufactures tractors, buses, electric buses and even a car-office. But Emomali Rahmon was more interested in a technique that is suitable for the natural conditions of Tajikistan. Now when the country is actively building roads, hydroelectric power plants, develop agriculture, the Belarusian vehicles are required. The President invited local experts to Tajikistan.

“The designers who worked on “BelAZ”, let them learn. No secrets there,” said Emomali Rahmon.

A joint venture can be created in different regions. One of them already works in the city of Hissar. Production volumes of tractors for the Republic should be increased, said the President. After all, the territory of Tajikistan is a platform for further promotion of Belarusian machinery in neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan. Belarusian specialists are ready.

“Today, MTZ market of Tajikistan supplies six models of tractors. In 2018, we have supplied more than 400 units of agricultural machinery. This year it is planned as an extension of the ruler, and the increase in volumes,” – said the Deputy marketing Director of JSC “Minsk tractor plant” Alexander Kazakevich.

The agricultural sector is perhaps one of the most promising. In the agricultural complex “Dzerzhinsky”, the President of Tajikistan met in all the traditions of the Belarusian hospitality. Here, bottled milk of extra-class. Emomali Rahmon show production. The personal computer card cow: when she was born, when calved and what gives milk. Two joint ventures are now being built in Tajikistan.

“The two joint ventures for milk processing in Dushanbe and Hissar end of commissioning. I think that the first products of these processing enterprises in the beginning of 2020 will be on the shelves,” – said the Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan, izzatullo Sattori.

Emomali Rahmon offered to create a joint large group and introduce the Belarusian experience in the development of animal husbandry in Tajikistan.