Emperor Akihito went to the Japanese one last time before his abdication

PHOTO : TASS / Pool Fred Sierakowski/Zuma


The Emperor of Japan Akihito and Empress Michiko last appeared in public before the abdication of the monarch from the throne on 30 April, the TV channel “MIR 24” with reference to TASS.

The Royal couple took part in the awarding of activists of nature protection and environmental scientists in Tokyo.

Until the day of the abdication of the 85-year-old ruler and his 84-year-old wife will remain in his Palace complex in Central Tokyo.

At the ceremony of the abdication, the Emperor will pronounce the Eulogy in the presence of heads of government, Parliament and the Supreme court.

It is also reported that on may 1, a ceremony of accession to the throne, 59-year-old eldest son of Akihito, the current crown Prince, Naruhito.

Emperor Akihito said about leaving the rest in respect of age in the summer of 2016. By law, the monarch must remain on the throne for life, but please Akihito called understanding society, and the Parliament as an exception, adopted a special law according to which it will be satisfied.

The Emperor in Japan is actually a living symbol, he performs only ceremonial functions, representing the foundations of the state and unity of the people.