Employees infected by the COVID-19: An IGA forced to close in Lévis

Employés infectés par la COVID-19: Un IGA forcé de fermer à Lévis

The IGA Extra Veilleux and Girls of Lévis was forced to close its doors temporarily on Friday because many of his employees have been contaminated by the COVID-19.

The grocer of the route du président-Kennedy has also suspended the orders by phone and online until further notice.

“In spite of the application of the measures of hygiene and safety recommended by the department of public health, a part of our employees has, unfortunately, been infected”, the management explained on Facebook.

The trade says that the workers concerned and their colleagues with whom they were in contact have been isolated from the rest of the team. In addition, the facility has been disinfected “by a firm acceptable”.

The management hopes to reopen in the shortest time”.

On its website, Sobeys unveils daily new cases of coronavirus in its various grocery stores throughout the country.

In regards to the IGA Extra Veilleux and Girls, which employs 175 people, the company has reported the first case of contamination of an employee on April 11. His last day of work was April 6.

In total, the website lists five cases of contamination in this facility, as of Thursday. However, since then, other employees would have received a positive result for the disease.

According to the data of public health broadcast Friday, there was a total of 355 cases of COVID-19 throughout the territory of the Boiler-Appalachian mountains, of which 204 recoveries and seven deaths.

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