Employees of Amazon want to make a strike online

Des salariés d’Amazon veulent faire une grève en ligne

Engineers and coders from Amazon called Thursday to go on strike on April 24 to protest against the dismissal of some of their colleagues who have taken a stance against the group, and to obtain better working conditions for the employees of the warehouses.

“We want to tell Amazon that we have a ras-le-bol of all that, lay-offs, attempts to reduce to silence, pollution, racism and climate disruption,” said Maren Costa, former employee of the company, according to a press release by the group of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (european youth card association).

She held his comments Thursday during a meeting in line with nearly 400 employees, organised by the european youth card association, which pushes the giant of e-commerce to make more effforts to reduce its impact on the environment. Adding: “We, therefore, ask the employees of the tech not connect to their workstations on Friday April 24 “.

Maren Costa and Emily Cunningham, two leaders of the european youth card association, were dismissed last week, officially “for violation of the rules of procedure repeatedly,” according to a spokesperson for the group, cited by the american channel CNBC.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a query from AFP.

Thursday’s meeting also focused on the working conditions in warehouses and logistics centres, ultra-solicited for weeks because of the pandemic of Covid-19, and the containment.

The needs are such that Amazon was in the process of recruiting 175,000 people in the United States.

But some employees complained about the lack of protections for health.

After the release of the group pressure, an employee of Chicago has accused the group of hiding information.

“Amazon has confirmed that there were two cases in our warehouse. We are afraid. Amazon makes it impossible to know who else has been able to be in contact with the infected persons “, he said at the meeting, according to remarks reported by the european youth card association.

“Amazon said that it provides an essential service, but the products for which I risk my life all the days are far from essential. I pack irons to smooth the hair, decorations of Easter and ping pong balls ! “, has taken away an employee’s poles, according to the european youth card association.

Two weeks ago, Amazon announced the distribution of millions of masks and implementation of temperature controls on all its sites in the united states and europe.

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