Encouraged by Trump, protests anti-containment multiply in the United States

Encouragées par Trump, les manifestations anti-confinement se multiplient aux États-Unis

New Hampshire, Maryland, Texas: protests calling for the lifting of the containment measures in the face of the coronavirus have stirred on Saturday, several cities across the United States, encouraged yesterday by Donald Trump, who is accused of stoking divisions.

They were about 400 to manifest, on foot or from their car, in front of the Parliament, of Concord, capital of the small State of New Hampshire (1.3 million inhabitants), relatively spared by the epidemic with 1 287 confirmed cases and 37 deaths from the coronavirus on Friday. The governor, republican Chris Sununu ordered a confinement at least until 4 may.


“The numbers lie “, or ” Reopen the N. H. “, said some of the placards brandished by the demonstrators, in the middle of american flags. Among them were men in balaclavas and armed, found the AFP.

“People are quite willing to do what it takes “, but ” the numbers do not justify the containment measures of a draconian nature that we have in New Hampshire “, indicated to the AFP Skip Murphy, age 63, elector of Donald Trump.

Annapolis, capital of Maryland, the protesters remained in the car, and the AFP has seen about 200 parade in front of the local Parliament. “Poverty also kills,” said a sign, “I will obey no decrees illegal,” said another.


In Austin, capital of Texas, the State most populous after California, they were about 250, armed with placard denouncing in particular “the economic collapse” precipitated by the shutdown of all activities not ” essential “, which has caused an explosion in the number of unemployed and is losing to much income.



Owen Shroyer, presenter of the site close to the far right Infowars, had called in recent days to participate in it, before you see his Twitter account suspended on Friday.

If these rallies seemed to attract a lot of supporters of Donald Trump, some participants pointed out that their motives were not political.

Dolores, a hairdresser who manifested in Annapolis, explained no longer able to work nor receive any government assistance, because it is employer, and not employed.

“I need to save my business, I do work for a living, otherwise I’m going to die,” she told AFP.

“This has nothing to do with Trump or with the governors, democrats or republicans,” said Skip Murphy in Concord. “This is to say that everyone is not housed in the same boat, and that the confinement must stop here where it has no meaning “.

“Do not politicize the emotion”

Such protests have multiplied in recent days across the United States, the country most hit by the coronavirus with more than 715 000 new cases and 37 000 deaths, while unemployment is booming and that many people have lost their income, in a country with the social safety net, limited.

The most important to date was held Wednesday in Lansing, capital of Michigan, where approximately 3,000 people have lambasted the containment measures of the governor-democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

The president Trump, who does not hide his haste to “re-open” the economy of the country while leaving to the governors of each State to decide how and when to lift restrictions, has called Friday a “release” of the containment, the three States managed by the governing democrats – Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia.

The governor of the State of New York, the most affected by the epidemic with more than 236 000 confirmed cases and an order of confinement in force at least until may 15, despite a number of deaths daily in lower — acknowledged Saturday that some States, less affected, were able to adopt strategies of recovery of the economy faster than hers.

“The numbers dictate the policies,” said governor Andrew Cuomo at a press briefing.

But it has implicitly criticised the attitude of Donald Trump and some responsible republicans who criticize the continued confinement by the governing democrats.

The containment is ” emotionally difficult, and economically disastrous “, he stressed. But ” how can the situation get worse and get worse quickly ? If you politisez all this emotion. We can’t afford it, ” he hammered.

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