End of a “shameful” saga to Lachute

Fin d’une «honteuse» saga à Lachute

A ville des Laurentides will have to reinstate two of its officials laid off five years ago after a survey expensive on a background of political revenge, ruled a court.

The former director-general of the City of Lachute, Pierre Gionet, and its former treasurer Nathalie Piret, will have to return to work within a week, decided the judge Anick Chainey, of the administrative tribunal of the work.

In a decision scathing of 97 pages, the magistrate called this saga of the ” shameful political vengeance “.

This serial novel will cost the tidy sum of$ 3.3 Million to taxpayers.

Upon its entry into service in 2013, the administration of the current mayor Carl Péloquin has investigated the relationship that Pierre Gionet and Nathalie Piret had maintained from 2007, reveals the judgment.

They have been laid off in January of 2015 because they had not declared this idyll, placing them in a conflict of interest, which the court denied.

No evidence

The desire to get rid of them even pushed the municipality to allege conduct injurious to their honesty and integrity without any evidence, ” says judge.

“I’m really very happy. I want to resume my position. I loved my work, ” says Pierre Gionet, now in business with his family members.

The latter asserts that he could not get better judgment.

Nathalie Piret is now treasurer of the Municipality of Saint-André-D Avellin. The Newspaper has not been able to reach her.

“We are going to evaluate our options. It is certain that one is really disappointed at the judgment. We’ll see this next week with the other members of the council, ” says mayor Carl Péloquin.

He said that the current executive director and the current treasurer have accepted their work knowledgeably and that there would be clauses in their contract of employment to avoid prosecution if their termination was triggered by the return to work of two former officials of the City.

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