End of the omerta in health: Quebec has received 1791 e-mails in a week

Fin de l’omerta en santé: Québec a reçu 1791 courriels en une semaine

A mail box was launched last Saturday to collect the confidences of the health workers has led to an avalanche of testimonies.

Named “Are you listening”, the email address has already received 1791 messages, revealed the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, during a parliamentary commission virtual place on Friday.

“Therefore, we can assume that it responds to a need, she commented. And we will process as quickly as possible the records and / or applications that are, in our opinion, of high priority, namely, for example, where there remains a lack of protective equipment. This is not the major [part] of the requests, but there is a little bit more.”

Other messages of health workers are reporting a back-and-forth that still exists between the hot and cold zones, or labor disputes.

The minister has committed to convey a part of the collected information to the opposition and journalists, as well as to the directorates of the institutions concerned.

Holiday plated

As for the vacation, as requested by the health workers, the minister McCann and reiterates that all employees are able to take at least two weeks of vacation this summer.

However, in order to ensure the continuity of service, vacation will be spread out from 1 June to the end of September, she explained.

“This will not be easy to give two weeks of vacation to all the world – even though we know it is the right thing to do – because you don’t have all the world you need,” said Danielle McCann.

Back on the mask

In addition, the exchanges have allowed us to learn a little more about the reasons that pushed the public health does not recommend the wearing of the mask at the beginning of the pandemic.

“If we arrived with that, let’s say, in January or February, it would probably have been more difficult to sell to the population the notion of distancing physical,” explained the deputy director general of the protection of the health, Yves Jalbert. And the mask still remains a means of protection which is secondary to all that has been implanted at the level of the distancing physical. Our fear has always been that one replaces the other.”

Now that the principle of physical separation is acquired in the population, the cover face is introduced as an “additional weapon”, he explained, at the invitation of the minister.

Asylum seekers

While François Legault has closed the door Thursday to the idea of regularizing the status of asylum-seekers who are working in the health system, the minister McCann appeared less categorical.

Questioned by the critical solidarity Sol Zanetti, Ms. McCann pointed out that the government would “explore all avenues”. “I talk with the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, and you will see everything that can be done, she explained. We know that the federal government has also its word to say, but we will see if we can find ways of passage.”


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