Engie and Eiffage present Smartseille II

    Engie and Eiffage present Smartseille II

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    Photo issue du permis d’amnager – View to the north of the site from the GRT Gaz station.

    Smartseille II, a project led by Engie and Eiffage Immobilier Sud-Est is currently the subject of a public inquiry. The ambition: to develop a new urban space of 55,000 square meters on a gas wasteland (2.9 ha) located in the heart of the extension of Euroméditerranée.

    Until January 18, 2021, the Marseillais can participate in the public inquiry on the Smartseille II project carried by SAS Glam (Courbevoie, 92), company to this which brings together Engie (51%) and Eiffage Immobilier Sud-Est (49%). The site’s decoration is the footprint of a former gas plant (2.9 ha) owned by Engie, nestled in the heart of the ZAC Littorale (54 ha), the first operational part of the Euromditerrane extension. This Smartseille II lot occupies a strategic place, the articulation between the village core of Crottes (15e) and the other sectors of the rear port area undergoing rapid urban change: Smartseille I (2.4 ha), les Fabriques (14 ha) and the Ventimiglia sector, a 12-hectare area called to be revitalized in the wake of the extension from the tram.

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    On this wasteland, Engie and Eiffage obtained a permit to develop an urban room of approximately 55,000 square meters of floor space comprising approximately 400 housing units, offices (15,000 20,000 m2 of floor space) and shops (4,000 5,000 m2 floor area). A constructible tonnage that the promoters plan to split into around fifteen lots. So many operational phases that will be developed in coordination with the EPA Euromditerrane, the extension guide plan signed by Franois Leclerc and the Anyoji-Beltrando agency, responsible for the past year for the coordination of operational projects (short and medium term) on Euromed ‘II.

    Engie and Eiffage present Smartseille II

    (Plan from the planning permission subject to public inquiry)

    Fifteen lots

    The master plan of the program was the subject of a first sketch produced by the CoBe agency (Paris). The development can be broken down into about fifteen lots. The district will be composed mainly of housing and will favor as much as possible the crossing typologies with generous outdoor spaces. , explain the town planners. Parking will be done mainly in infrastructure and under buildings in order to maximize the open ground in the middle of the block. The space will be largely vegetated with tall trees and cpes chosen according to the principles of the BiodiverCity label. These developments should make it possible to limit the effects of an urban heat island and limit the waterproofing of the soil.

    The roofs of most future buildings will be green. Failing that, white roofs with a high albdo will be preferred by equipping them with reflective membranes or white plaster / paint / gravel. So many devices making it possible to increase the reflectivity of the roofs. Finally, the building will meet the BDM label (Mediterranean sustainable building) and the BBC and E + C- energy performance benchmarks.

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