“Enough money to be able to feed the whole Serbia”, Djokovic is going to open a restaurant free of charge for the homeless


“Giving back to Serbia and what Serbia has given me.” Here’s how Novak Djokovic has announced the upcoming opening of his new restaurant. Again, as the star of
tennis has already started from a point in the restoration, after the opening of a first shop in Belgrade in 2009, and then a second at Monaco (where he resides) in 2015. But this time, the idea is altogether different because the Serbian account offer cover to every homeless and underprivileged who will point to the door.

“The money is not a problem for me. I earned enough money to be able to feed the whole Serbia. I think it (the Serbian people) deserves it after all the support he gave me, he explained in remarks picked up by theSun. Why the free food ? Food is the fuel to which I attribute all of my success. Of all the things I’ve experienced in my life of sports, a healthy diet is what I changed the most. “

Good, for the explanation, a simple “it seems normal to reach out to those who have less” going on also, but here we hurt a fly. Djokovic made a nice gesture towards those who have been less fortunate than him in his country, and that is what counts. Rep’ it’s Patrice Evra.

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