Environmentalists have warned about the threat of extinction of the lake Svityaz

Экологи предупредили об угрозе исчезновения озера Свитязь

In Ukraine there are hints at the disappearance of the lake Svityaz.

This is reported by Ukrainian mass media.

Environmentalists report that the lake loses a lot of water and if nothing is done, then it can threaten the complete disappearance of the unique water reservoir. By the way, the pond called one of the wonders of nature of Ukraine. In the story about the lake indicates that it is a real environmental disaster.

Экологи предупредили об угрозе исчезновения озера Свитязь

One of the first to draw public attention to the Deputy of local Council of Sochi Leonid Klimovich. According to local witnesses, they don’t remember like the shallowing of the lake. The phenomenon of the MP communicates with the uncontrolled extraction of water from the lake for industrial purposes. Environmentalists report that the reasons for the moment enough. For example, it may be Hotislavskoe quarry, which contributes to the shallowing of the lake. Also, in the district there are plantations of blueberries, which are groundwater and can dry up local soils. Also, ecologists have emphasized the poor condition of the drainage system of the lake, which quite possibly could be the cause of excessive loss of water from the lake.

The fact that the lake dries up too fast, and that means that the problem can be not only in the above mentioned reasons. Ecologists suspect that there are more than a local problem. As reported by Sokolenko, to establish credible reasons for the destruction of the lake, but at the moment nobody does it. However, he noted that if we don’t act, the lake or drained to a certain limit, either completely dried to the ground.

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