Episode test for Major Flooding

Épisode test pour Les Grandes Crues

The project of tv series of Marie-Lyne Joncas and Eve Side will take a new step next Thursday, then they will be killed the Big Flood ? the festival virtual HAHAHA Just for laugh.

According to the page Facebook of the duo, it is a “genre of web series “mixing” jokes of nounes and intrigues police “. All, condensed into an episode of 40 minutes. The comedians tell the Journal that it is a great opportunity to test the waters for a jump to the small screen.

Marie-Lyne Joncas and Eve Side dream of having their own series of fiction for several years. A comedy in which they could transpose the universe of the Great Flood, the comic duo that they make up since their exit from the national School of humour in 2014. “Since the beginning, we want to do a sitcom, says Eve Side. It is really an exercise to see what it may give, a work of fiction around the Great Flood. ”

In the interview, Marie-Lyne Joncas sharing the argument concrete that she has found to convince a broadcaster to retain their project : “There’s nothing that can be worse than Welcome to the ladies with Peter MacLeod ! ”

The comedian allows himself to scratch at the now-defunct sitcom of V, because it knows well its main actor. Each week, she participates – with Eve – Side to the Clan MacLeod, the radio show of stand-up comedy at CKOI. “I was listening to Welcome to the ladies when I was younger,” says Joncas. I was addicted to ben stiff. But when I think of it now… Peter, this is not an actor. Pantoute ! When he has to make pubs radio, it is funny ! It is not so natural ! ”

Sprint of two weeks

Who killed the Great Flood ? will be shot today. The episode was written in large part by Antoine Desjardins, the author of the tandem. “This is The Major Flooding in containment, precise Eve Side. The discussions on Skype, the partys Zoom…”

The pair will be supported by three actors. The project was set on foot in two weeks. “We knew that there would be a lot of shows at the festival, points out Marie-Lyne Joncas. We wanted to offer something different. ”

End of tour postponed

After four years, The Great Flood had to finish their tour On the big wine this summer in Magog. The pandemic of COVID-19, however, has forced Marie-Lyne Joncas and Eve Side to see all of their performances. Result : they will continue to travel the roads of Quebec until June 2021, at a minimum.

“At the beginning, we were like : “Hey cool ! A weekend of leave.” But now, the more time that passes, the more it is like : “My god, when are we going to do another show ?” You get bored of the world, ” says Eve Side.

“I imagine that at a given time, we’re going to have to face it, this virus. WE are going to have to live with it, ” says Marie-Lyne Joncas.

The affairs of the Great Flood were going rather well when everything broke out at the beginning of the month of march. In February, they have crossed the milestone of 100 000 tickets sold.

Who killed The Great Flood ? will be offered at the FSTVL HAHAHA on Thursday evening at 21 h. Info : hahaha.com

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