Eric Chouinard will help the Blizzard

Éric Chouinard aidera le Blizzard

The Blizzard du séminaire Saint-François has added a string to his bow yesterday, confirming the appointment of Éric Chouinard as a special advisor to his team of the League de hockey midget AAA.

Chouinard will help the coaching staff, led by head coach Frédéric Parent, when the need arises.

“For me, it is a bit of a continuity because it’s been a few years that I am involved in the program, and I myself graduated from the SSF. It is a little bit like home. It is therefore a pleasure for me to involve myself in a role that I will be able to occupy, at my own pace. My schedule will dictate the time I can put in my involvement with the Blizzard and it is perfect as it is.”

It is that Chouinard is also the prefect of discipline from the QMJHL. And that won’t change.

“It is important for me to clarify that my job as every day, it is to be the prefect of discipline from the QMJHL. It is my job and it excites me a lot. I love my role and it allows me to develop relationships with the general managers, as well as learn a different aspect of the time when I was a player. I warned [the commissioner of the QMJHL] Mr. Courteau and he had nothing against the fact that I have been involved with the program the Blizzard.”

To a position coach?

Even if it is a more involved in the operations hockey with the Blizzard, it should not be inferred that the former first-round of the Montreal canadiens in 1998, is preparing for a career coach, says he.

“I am very happy with what I’m doing currently and get involved with the séminaire Saint-François allows me just to bring a balance to what I do in the life of every day. When I have time, I’ll go to watch the games midget AAA and I’ll be able to give my opinion to the coaches. Sometimes, for them, to have another pair of eyes in the grandstands, it can do good. I will also be able to go on the ice from time to time. This is the role that I want to have it because I have no interest for a coaching position at this time.”

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