Eric Desjardins is proud of his people

Éric Desjardins est fier de son peuple

In the middle of the period of confinement, the former defender of the Montreal canadiens Éric Desjardins has drawn a parallel to really be interesting between the experience of the Quebecois and what he experienced with his teammates during the conquest of the Stanley cup in 1993.

“We see how we are with the COVID-19, said the 50 year old man during a phone interview Monday. We can see how we stand. We must respect some things and I think that all in all, it is very well respected. It is a bit like that we experienced in 1993. It was a story of team. We had a game plan and we followed it to the letter. In the end, it has made all the difference.”

“Quebecers, it looks like we have it in the blood, he added with pride. Adversity, whether in sport or elsewhere, brings us all together in the same team. It gives us a reason to beat us and move forward.”

“We could not lose”

It is precisely at a time when adversity was at its height that the CH was able to turn the tide in the final against the Kings, a little like he had done in the face of the Quebec Nordiques in the first knockout round. Behind 1 to 0 in the series and in less than two minutes from losing the second matchup, the Habs has rolled up sleeves.

“We were in a position where we couldn’t lose,” recalled Desjardins. We had suffered defeat in the first match. From Montreal in delay 2 to 0, it would have been difficult to go to Los Angeles and hope to win the Stanley cup.”

There was the famous penalty to Marty McSorley for the use of a stick is illegal and the second goal of Desjardins, which has forced the holding of an extension.

In extra time, the rear has given the victory to his team by completing his hat trick.

The match of a lifetime

By accomplishing this feat, Desjardins has earned a place in the great history book of the Holy Flannel.

“The time, in the final of the Stanley cup, this is something that had never been done and that is really special for a defender”, he expressed.

“I believe I have been a player who has not only done that, but offensively, it is sure that this was the match of my life. […] This is the kind of performance that gives you the confidence to continue to get better,” said the athlete, who was 23 years old at the time.

The one who has also worn the colors of the Philadelphia Flyers during his long career of 17 seasons in the national hockey League has also pointed out that he had not done the job alone.

“Yes, it is I who scored these three goals, but they were made by my teammates. Without them, none of this would have happened”, he recalled.

Nearly 27 years after the achievement of Desjardins group, the amateurs will have the chance to review this famous match number 2 of the 1993 final, as it will be presented on TVA Sports on Tuesday evening.

“Today, I became a believer and I would like it to be able to live this with my children, he desired. For those who have not had the opportunity to live it, they have the chance to see what it could be if the Canadian has the opportunity to relive it soon.”

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