Éric Martel-Bahoeli inspires with its miles of hope

Éric Martel-Bahoeli inspire avec ses km de l’espoir

The followers of running multiply since the implementation of the containment measures across the province of Quebec. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, the former boxer Eric Martel-Bahoeli was attended by virtually a community of athletes who push themselves to excel on a daily basis by putting on their pair of running shoes.

The formula is simple, but oh so effective in this time of pandemic. Martel-Bahoeli has created the group “miles of hope” on the popular social network in order to enable citizens, regardless of their level of fitness, to share their sporting achievement of the day. Running, jogging or walking, the initiative serves mainly to keep motivated to practice physical activity while the opportunities are currently limited.

“The world is motivating, and there is no competition. I started to put my releases in the race on my personal page and one of my buddies told me that I should create a group. Currently, there are many people who are experiencing anxiety and difficulties at home. With a little jogging, you are more zen afterwards. It is positive and the world find their account “, told the former canadian champion who has even ran 5 miles for 20 consecutive days at the beginning of the crisis.

Return to full-time

Most of the members of the group accompany their publication of a message of solidarity, of which the effects are instant on the rest of the band, found Martel-Bahoeli in a way non-scientific. They were more than 450 on Friday.

“The human being as it is, seeing what others are doing, you are comparing always a little bit. Some have set targets that are more senior, have decreased their time or have increased their frequency […] More there will be more people, this will be motivating. Some will make their little jogging with their children, it is hot to see it, ” he added.

Since his work as a physical trainer are on a break, particular with the programme sport-études hockey high school Cardinal-Roy, Martel-Bahoeli has returned to work full-time as an agent of intervention at Centre jeunesse de Québec.

Youth understanding

The institution has introduced several measures to avoid contamination between the adolescents from 12 to 18 years, who live between its walls, instructions that are followed without too much problems up to now according to the former boxer.

“The world has become more interdependent in times like this, and this is even more true for young people. They are very understanding. It is going well and they cooperate well. They are already under quite some stress to have it, then they do it.

“Young people can no longer get out to the outside of the centre, only in the courtyards. They must respect the distance of 2 m, and for dinners and lunches, they may not be the one next to the other. It took a lot of adjustments, ” he explained.

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