Erik Guay waives Beaver Creek

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The Quebecer Erik Guay is the alpine skier the most prolific canadian history.

The Quebecer Erik Guay will not participate in the world Cup alpine skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado, said Alpine Canada in an email exchange with The canadian Press on Wednesday.


Guay will miss a second weekend of racing in a row, after having to skip the world Cup in Lake Louise. He had also taken the decision not to participate in the downhill on Saturday and super-G the next day. It will be the same thing this weekend, since it absentera’s super-G on Friday and downhill on Saturday.


Ignoring for the moment whether he will be able to participate in the super-G and downhill in Val Garderna, Italy, on 15 and 16 December.


According to Alpine Canada, the skier 36-year-old is now under treatment at the back and is subjected to a battery of medical tests. The results, however, are not yet known.


The organization added that it does not wish to ” not give interview, [because] he would like to put his energy on his remission and his training.”


The skier from Mont-Tremblant, which has undergone six surgeries to the knees throughout his career, has been the victim of a rupture of the ligaments to the vertebra T2 to the result of a nasty fall during a training session in Chile last fall.


Last Saturday, Guay had written on his account Instagram official that he had ” taken one of the most difficult decisions of my career. I don skierai not today, because I injured my back in training yesterday [Friday]. “


Guay had been the most successful canadian male skier of the training run last Friday, with the fifth time. Back pain, however, have limited its drive to Lake Louise. “It happened towards the end of the track, then I feel stiff at the moment,” he confessed after the fact.


The race was eventually won by the Swiss Beat Feuz.

Guay, alpine skier the most prolific canadian history, has been crowned the champion of the super-G at the world Championships of FIS at Saint-Moritz in 2017. Following this feat, the Quebecers won the silver medal in the downhill. He thus became the first Canadian man to win multiple medals in the same edition of the alpine World.


He has also won two medals last season in the world Cup, bringing to 25 its total podiums in his career, including five victories.


The olympic Games to Pyeongchang will take place from 9 to 25 February 2018.

Lake Louise: cancellation of downhill training

Lake Louise — downhill training Wednesday at the world Cup alpine skiing women’s Lake Louise, in Alberta, has been cancelled due to mild weather conditions. The first two downhills of the season are planned on Friday and Saturday, followed by the super G on Sunday. The women were able to train on Tuesday. Marie-Michèle Gagnon, of Lac-Etchemin, was the best skier in canada with the 25th fastest time.

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