Erin O’toole filed a complaint to the police against the team of Peter MacKay

Erin O’Toole dépose une plainte à la police contre l’équipe de Peter MacKay

The campaign team of conservative candidate Erin O’toole, filed Friday an official complaint to the police against the team of Peter MacKay.

The team of Mr. O’toole calls for an investigation from the RCMP, the Ontario provincial police and the Toronto police service against the campaign of his rival and of its organizer, senior Jamie Lall.

“The complaint relates to the theft of data and strategies confidential, including the theft of video conferencing Zoom, including video conferencing strategy, campaign confidential, as well as video conferencing with members of the conservative Party across Canada,” one can read in a press release published in the evening.

The campaign Erin O’toole clarified that the complaint occurs “after a thorough investigation” on the hacking of their systems was triggered earlier this week.

“The investigation revealed that the main organizer of the campaign, MacKay, Mr. Lall, has obtained connection information that is confidential to the campaign O’toole on 5 June. The investigation team O’toole has revealed that downloads stolen, took place during the last two weeks either 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 June, from Calgary and Toronto “, specifies the communiqué.

Team O’toole also request to Peter MacKay and his team to make ” all data immediately or videos stolen currently in the possession of the staff and volunteers “.

Friday night, the team of Peter MacKay had not reacted publicly to the filing of the complaint.

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