Erotic horoscope for February 13, 2018 for all Zodiac signs

Erotic horoscope for February 13, 2018.

Еротичний гороскоп на 13 лютого 2018 року для всіх знаків Зодіаку

From today you should not expect too much: special sensations, the stunning partners and inhuman forces of the stars to you, alas, today is not promised. However, the global disappointments will not be well. An ordinary day in which to relax.

On this day, you have to constantly keep yourself in the bounds of decency, modesty, and certain moral norms that your partner can come up with. Any violation of the established rules is fraught with unpleasant consequences both for you and for your intimate relationship.

The twins should be doing themselves. It is not necessary for short-term fun to run itself. Remember, for truly large fish need attractive bait. Take care of your eroticism, on the saturation of your sex life.

Today, in order to be the center of attention from the opposite sex you absolutely do not have to do. Everything will come and go, will fall to your feet. So you can easily choose promising, the most promising date.

Let your house plays unobtrusive music, painted in warm colors, and just the two of you, by the light of a lamp, or even in the twilight … Let your beloved sees only your chest and arms, and then closes his eyes from pleasure. Let you have enough time for scheduled meals – at least the stars say that all of you tonight!

Seeing myself come-hither look of one of my colleagues, try to interpret it correctly, don’t count on a long love affair and especially marriage. It is possible that a co-worker just tired of being alone and looking for female affection.

Libra today too tend to rush things and not to wait until their beloved himself will Mature prior to mating. Lights suggest not to show your impatience too obvious, instead, gradually to prepare the groom to the prelude. Start with kissing hands is that may be innocent, and with the better? ..

On this day, you should make love the recipe to your relatives, preferably enough of the older generation – for example, grandparents. Maybe something with their love of practice will seem to you naive, senseless and illogical, but in any case, it will be quite an exotic adventure.

On this day you will be able to get rid of the worries early and given, finally, a few hours to your partner and love games with him. You and he need to stay happy how to fly your evening together. But the bed is not satisfied: he’ll have a long and plaintive creak.

This is a big day, you could really use the moral support of your partner and the knowledge that no matter how you withstood the exam, which will present to you the life, the turbulent and passionate love of the game, which will be the best reward and the best comfort.

Today the best thing you can do in bed is to be quiet. Otherwise, you can blurt out is that it is not something that will discourage, and kill the listener on the spot, without a chance for rehabilitation. In General, your tongue – your enemy, so keep it shut.

Astrologers advise all couples: spend the night comfortably and full. Welcome Terry bed sheets, warm with spices, the wine, and as detail – nut oil and sesame oil, which to RUB each other feet. All this will allow you to feel the real masters of the universe love and will give forces to further jerks “to the stars”.

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