Erotic horoscope on 11 April 2018 for all Zodiac signs

Erotic horoscope for April 11, 2018.

Еротичний гороскоп на 11 квітня 2018 року для всіх знаків Зодіаку

Aries today is a very big need for support and relaxation in the bosom of a loved one. So don’t be shy, ask your partner to be your “shoulder” and give you a cry from under the mouse! .. And if he dry your tears with kisses – it will be even better!

On this day, the stars recommend you before begin to love games, to play some intellectual game like checkers, chess or backgammon. After that, would be so nice to push the Board, chips and cubes and give the same loving delight!

It is not necessary now to insist on intimacy, if your partner don’t need it today or specifically undesirable. Can achieve quite the opposite effect, which you, alas, no joy. Try to show tact, patience and endurance. They will be appreciated.

Today, all sexual activity will occur in the first half of the day. So it is recommended that this day should begin earlier to have to work to make it. Although, if there is a possibility this work to be postponed, then too bad. Think how nice to feel the affection and warmth of a loved one early in the morning, then the day just went wrong.

Today the fantasy of your partner will capture your imagination. Surprised be surprised, but don’t fall into torpor, and it is better to check all in practice. Empirically then we can immediately discard everything that is not liked, and any to continue on.

Virgins stars recommend today to engage in a long dispute with those whom you plan to invite to share your bed. This can Deplete your reserves of sexual energy. If you’re worried that live up to the evening, never having started a dispute, you will fail, make time for sex first thing in the morning.

On this day, the erotic exploits will push you music, without which sexual activity is significantly reduced. Try to be intimate in advance to arrange for the necessary musical accompaniment, and the result will be amazing. Amazingly beautiful.

The natural desire to diversify your sex this night can lead you to obsession, you will persistently implement. Be careful with the innovations, as this may scare your partner and for all to discourage him to such pleasures.

Remember, how long have you not paid attention to the intimate outfits? Today the stars advise you to purchase underwear this evening to update it with your partner. The result will be a forgotten feeling, which cause a very sexual things – a mixture of aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

“In someone else’s mouth don’t give a scarf” – today this saying is fairly typical of your interactions with the people around you. In some strange way they will be aware of your personal and even somewhat intimate life. And deemed it his duty not only to you, but still give a lot of advice.

Be smiling and joyful, no matter what. Your partner, as well as your other relatives, will appreciate it and will take note, and therefore will not bore you annoying questions from the “what happened”. At the same time and the mood rises.

Fish are quite capable today to gang up on the male species, not excluding his own family, i.e. fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. Let’s just say, today they simply get! Some – their punctuality, the second – his laziness, some apathy, and the fourth – the fact that they are all in the father!

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